Wind in the Willows

If you love this charming book as much as I do, you will probably find the following links very enjoyable:

I have the songs from the wonderful film of this.

If you enjoyed this music then try this:

Ralph Vaughan Williams is probably my Favourite composer.

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TED TALK: Creativity and schools

Dear all,

I love this talk by Ken Robinson, it is very entertaining but also really thought provoking. It really helped shape my own philosophy on teaching and education. What are your thoughts on it?

Here is the follow on talk by Ken as well.

Gerald Finley Masterclass

Really interesting video of a Masterclass at The Royal College of Music. Lots of brilliant advice from an amazing singer. Illustrates the detail of work involved.

Further interviews with Gerald here- really interesting.

Moody Weather Crossover Singing

Due to all the storminess, thought I’d put some moody crossover style songs on here.


Interesting to see the classical training being used creatively to reflect modern moods, thoughts and needs.

Choirs and courses

Hi everyone,

If you are thinking about joining a choir but feel unsure then try one of our local friendly community choirs:


Also, have a  look at these websites which also run courses:

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Jackdaws music courses

Hi everyone,

The new Jackdaws music trust brochure is now available to view online. Some of the courses are very advanced but there are also quite a few  aimed at beginners too. It’s a brilliant place so have a look. There are some interesting taster days in the green section of the brochure.

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Playing guitar and singing

Dear all,

I know some of you are singing and playing guitar at the same time and having some difficulties. I have found a video on youtube that may be helpful.

Let me know if this works for you.

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