Tips for Parents on how to keep Teenagers focussed on music

Dear Parents,

The teenage years present a lot of challenges for all parties as children seek to define themselves as young adults. The article below gives some ideas for helping your child keep music in their life. If they enjoyed classical before they sometimes want to switch to more popular music and this is a great way to help keep their interest. They often want to feel they can share music with their peers as isolation is a major factor in giving up. Joining a band, accompanying friends, organising charity concerts, going to shows, festivals and concerts etc can all help them keep sight of their goals.

How to stop teenagers from tuning out of music lessons

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Beethoven on practice.

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If you need some inspiration to practice……..

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into it’s secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.’

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Opera singing and African Click Language sung by Njabulo Madlala

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I have to share this as this singer is just fabulous.  Performing ‘The Click Song’ originally by Miriam Makeba, Njabulo’s voice is like velvet. Click languages are thought to be one of the first forms of vocal communication in humans and are still used today. Notice how he is having an amazing time, moving and dancing but his posture and stance are still really strong.

Njabulo Mandlala- The Click Song

More on Click languages here:

Click Languages

And information on Miriam Makeba:

Miriam Makeba

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Wind in the Willows

If you love this charming book as much as I do, you will probably find the following links very enjoyable:

I have the songs from the wonderful film of this.

If you enjoyed this music then try this:

Ralph Vaughan Williams is probably my Favourite composer.

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