After receiving a music scholarship Charlotte went on to study English Literature at The University of Gloucestershire where she was a choral scholar, which involved many solo performances with the choir and within the University recital program.

Charlotte now works as a singing teacher in the south west and in schools in North Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire. Charlotte has performed with local groups as a member and soloist as well as many solo recitals and guest performances.

Charlotte is easily reachable from Corsham, Chippenham, Bath, Melksham, Colerne, Box, Malmesbury, Yatton Keynell, Biddestone, Luckington and Sherston.

Home visits are available on Saturdays and online teaching is also available should you not be able to attend regularly or in person.

Singing Teaching

I love encouraging you to develop confidence in singing through secure and safe techniques from which you can explore all the expressive and creative capabilities of your voice. I am eager to encourage you to find your own unique sound and nurture it through a wide range of repertoire allowing you to fully engage with the joy of singing.

I will present regular formal and informal performance platforms for students to participate in if they wish and can prepare you for exams or competitions should you wish to follow this route. I use LCM, ABRSM and Trinity exam boards and students will only be entered for exams when fully prepared.

Singing should be a pleasure and part of personal development and so each lesson is tailored to the individual student’s needs. Most lessons will include some theory, aural and sight reading as these are valuable skills for all musicians. They will be incorporated in a fun and engaging way and steadily paced to increase your confidence.

Online lessons are also available.

Teaching methods for ages 6-10

This is a wonderful age to develop a real love of singing and form strong foundations for future study. I use a Kodaly base which is a fully integrated music programme based where musicianship is embedded in folk song and art song. Children will learn to read notation and understand musical concepts such as rhythm, intervals, pulse, sight singing etc through their love of song. Lessons are all about doing and are really fun. We use flash cards, rhythm boards, and lots of fun props to extend and further develop a deep sense of musicality within each song.

Repertoire includes folk songs, art songs for children, hymns, Disney and musical theatre songs that are age appropriate, Children learn to explore their voices and use them safely and efficiently, use good breathing technique, diction and expression. Creativity is highly encouraged.

Age, ability and lyric appropriate pop songs will be allowed at my discretion as I feel that children should explore a wide range of repertoire.

Teaching Methods for Ages 11-18

I use the ‘Simultaneous Learning’ approach with this age. This means that we integrate music theory and musical ideas through each song we are working on. This helps pupils to see the value and application of musicianship and how it can aid creativity.

Repertoire is broad and will be matched to pupils interests whilst encouraging them to explore repertoire they may not have considered before. This age tend to really love the challenge of taking exams and they can gain UCAS points for grades 6-8. My main aim is to give all children a lifelong love of singing and a healthy vocal foundation. I encourage all children to join choirs if they can, from classical to rock and pop and will support pupils to pursue their ambitions with their singing.

I have a good knowledge of the developing voice and how to support boys going through voice change.


I aim to support adults to find their authentic sound, freeing and strengthening the voice, extending the range and working on vocal qualities allowing adults to fully express themselves through song. I have had many adults take exams and they have been very successful but many also enjoy having a lovely hour of singing and music for pleasure.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are very effective and accessible, you only need a good internet connection and to install or use Dropbox online. All sheet music and backing tracks, drama scripts and poems as well as exercises are posted into a folder in Dropbox which you can access and use for your lessons. Online lessons area great alternative to face to face lessons and the technology is now very good.

Backing tracks must be played from the students Dropbox due to time delays with real time piano accompaniment. I set everything up for you and just send links for you to access everything required. Lessons are held on Zoom and parents MUST be present for all under 16’s. I have specific rules for online lessons for children which require strict adherence as part of my child safety policy. You are also able to record exams at home and send in for assessment rather than travel to an exam centre.

School Teaching

Autism and Dyslexia in music aware.

I am experienced in offering lessons in both primary and secondary schools and I love working in schools where I can be part of the school community.

If you are looking for a singing teacher or LAMDA/Trinity drama teacher for your school the please do get in touch.

I have a transferable enhanced DBS and current child protection certificate and a very good working knowledge of the development of young, adolescent voices as well as male changing voice.

Lessons integrate musicianship and performance skills as well as singing technique and vocal development through a wide range of age and skill appropriate repertoire.

Primary lessons can start at age six and are 20 minutes long. Secondary school lessons are 20 or 30 minutes in length.

I am keen to encourage performance opportunities in school as well as at local competitive festivals as well as singing and drama exams.

Drama Teaching

From September 2017 I will be offering solo or pair drama tuition covering text and voice performance, poetry readings and staging techniques. These will be taught at my home in Corsham on a Saturday or on Tuesday,  Thursday or Friday evening at The Pound in Corsham.

I will be using the Trinity  Drama Syllabus and very much see drama coaching as a complimentary activity to singing performance skills. I will also be  offering solo and pair acting  and Shakespeare exams from LAMDA covering grades 1-8.

Drama can be an excellent way to boost confidence and creativity as well as helping to develop excellent verbal communication skills. We will explore poetry, plays and prose and develop vocal and physical communication skills to allow full performances to develop.

I also hope to engage pupils in reading more frequently and widely and enjoy reading aloud with others. This is particularly important for enjoying English at school where reading aloud in class often used to facilitate understanding.

Teaching of both Singing and Drama will incorporate cross curricular learning; thinking about art, philosophy, history, languages, as well as life skills such as focussed practice and self reflection, organisation and positive thinking processes.

Please use my contact page to enquire about lessons. I will be delighted to hear from you.