Music Theory and Music History Videos presented by Howard Goodall


These are programmes presented by Howard Goodall which will help you understand the structure of music. There are DVD and books of his available from Amazon and other retailers and they are really worth getting. He also composes music and has written some great stuff.

1) Melody

2) Rhythm


4) Musical Big Bang: Notation

5) Musical Big Bang: Equal temperament

6)Musical Big Bang: Opera

7)Musical Big Bang:The Piano

8)Musical Big Bang Recorded music

9) Twentieth century greats: The Beatles

10)Twentieth Century Greats: Bernard Hermann

11)Twentieth Century Greats:Leonard Bernstein

12)Twentieth century classics: Cole Porter

13) History of music: The age of discovery

14)History of music: The age of invention

15)History of music:The age of elegance

16)History of music:The age of tragedy

17)History of music: The age of rebellion

Happy learning