Musical Theatre Videos

Dear all,

Here are some amazing video links to the wonderful composer Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd) giving a masterclass with students on songs from musicals he has written. The music and themes are sophisticated and subtle, moody and moving.They show the level of thought and imagination as well as musical skills that go into composing a work. Watch the faces and bodies for technique, stage presence and emotion and use of technique too. Food for thought on performing:

This one above is an exercise and example of speed breathing and control!!! The woman in the colourful jumper is amazing, watch Sondheim’s face.

Here is a contemporary interpretation of ‘Send in Clowns’ by Ruthie Henshall and one which is spoken by Judi Dench. Again, think about stage presence, setting the scene, physicality, text, technique. Totally different, are they equally moving?


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